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Learn about hosting your website

Web hosting can be a nightmare if you do not do your homework. After devoting time, effort and money building your website, it has to be put on a server, which is accessible by the visitors on the internet. That is where web hosting comes in.

If you have never hosted your own website before, this section will give you some basic knowledge about web hosting. In this chapter, there are articles on how the world wide web (internet) works, what you need to know about web hosting, terminology, how to select web hosts etc. The articles in the later sections are meant for user's who know about web hosting in general.
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:: Tutorials ::
Article Website Hosting - Introduction
This article provides an introduction to web hosting. Learn how the internet works and why you need a web host for your website.
Article Server Load Balancing: Introduction
Load balancing applies to all types of servers (application server, database server), however, we will be devoting this section for load balancing of web servers (HTTP server) .
:: Website Hosting Articles ::
Article Web Hosting Platforms: A Comparison
A lot of factors should be considered for deciding on the web hosting platform. This article provides some basic comparison of the verious web hosting operating systems.
Article About Website Domain Name
Domain name is the unique address that identifies the location of the website. Learn about why and how domain names are used to find a website.
Article About IP Address
Learn why IP addresses are used and IP address classifications.
Article Web Hosting - Advanced Terminology
Some advanced terminolgy in the world of dedicated web hosting.
Article SubDomain - The Third Level Domain
A subdomain is the part of the website address before the domain name. Learn about using subdomain names.
Article Tips On Using SubDomain
Use of sudomains has certain advantages. However, there are particular things to consider before setting up subdomains for your website.
Article Round Robin DNS Load Balancing
Round robin DNS is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of implementing a load balanced architecture. This article explains the details behind DNS load balancing.
Article Bandwidth & Data Transfer
It is very common to find the two words - bandwidth and data transfer, used synonymously on the internet. This article shows the misconceptions about bandwidth.
Article Subdomain Configuration
Setting up a subdomain is similar to that of a domain. Learn about configuring a subdomain using DNS and web server.
Article Website Domain Name Configuration
Domain configuration starts with an entry with a domain registrar, and the registrar record maps the domain to name servers, which contains the detailed DNS entries for the domain.
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:: Forums ::
Forum Web Tools: A forum for discussing web tool related topics.
Forum Website Design: Discuss website design topics including coding help and suggestions.
Forum Website Hosting: Discuss hosting related topics and review web hosts.
Forum Revenue: A forum for advertising, affiliate and ecommerce related topics.
WebHostingChoice: Learn which web hosting sites are top rated and affordable. There are reviews for the top ten web hosting providers.