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Website Development
Learn about building a website

Web development is still a virgin territory. The web is changing the very way we read and navigate for content and information. Web design patterns and theories change, however, one rule will always stay:

"Lose a customer, if the visitor cannot find the right information easily."

WebsiteGear website development section will provide you with articles related to developing your website. There are helpful tips for webmasters related to planning, web design and technology.

Article Planning For Your Website
Before you start building your website, planning for it is very essential. This articles discusses the two basic planning criteria - choosing the website topic and researching the competition.
Article Naming Your Website
A website name (also known as website address or the domain name) often speaks a lot on the internet. This article provides some guidelines for choosing your website name.
Article Estimate Your Expenses
It is always a wise idea to roughly estimate the expenses for setting up your website.
Article Website Layout - Tips & Tricks
A good layout is essential for your website. Know what to consider when designing a layout.
Article Favicon - Branding A Favorites Link
A favorite&squot;s icon can make your website stand out from the rest. Learn how to create a favicon for your website.
Article Navigation - Not Confusion
An effective website navigation is very important for your website. Learn tips and tricks.
Article Breadcrumb Navigation
A breadcrumb trail provides a quick way for the user to know what section or branch this webpage is in. A good example will be a directory such as Yahoo or DMOZ.
Article SSI - Centralize Common Content
Use server side includes to centralize the common web site content.
Article HTML - Introduction
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the publishing language of the World Wide Web (WWW). Learn about HTML in this tutorial.
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