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Published: Wednesday, November 05, 2003


What is an HTML link?

HTML link (or hyperlink or weblink) provides a way of linking other web pages
or other web resources like images,
audio, etc. If you have a multiple page website, you need the ablility to navigate the user
to the other HTML pages on your website or other webpages on the internet. This can be done
using HTML links. For example, the
navigation pane on this website to the left has a link for all the tutorial pages.

Example :

<a href="index.htm"> Home</a>

This link shows like this: Home

Creating an HTML link.

  1. Start the anchor with <a (include a space after the a).

  2. Specify the document you're linking to by entering the attribute href="filename"
    followed by a closing right angle bracket (>)

  3. Enter the text that will serve as the hypertext link in the current document.

  4. Add the ending anchor tag: </a>.


Some commonly used <a> attributes

Here is a list of commonly used attributes.

  1. href :

    This attribute specifies the location of a Web resource like another html web page.

  2. target :

    Vertical Alignment attribute - Aligns the element in vertical direction.

    Values - top | middle | baseline | bottom

    Some related elements - <th>, <td>, <tr>, <tbody>.

  3. name :

    Width attribute - Specifies the width of an element.

    Values - pixels | % of parent width

    Some related elements - <table>, <hr>, <iframe>, <img>,
    <td>, <th>.

  4. lang, dir :

    Height attribute - Specifies the height of an element.

    Values - pixels | % of parent height

    Some related elements - <table>, <hr>, <iframe>, <img>,
    <td>, <th>.

  5. id, class :

    Width attribute - Specifies the width of an element.

    Values - pixels | % of parent cell

    Some related elements - <table>, <hr>, <iframe>, <img>,
    <td>, <th>.

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