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Ad Network Reviews
Published: Monday, October 13, 2003

FastClick : (website)

FastClick is one of the best ad network for small to medium sized publishers. Their superior technology provides fast delivery and optimization for best ad performance on publishers websites. Their rates are also very comparable to other top networks. Among the drawbacks of FastClick are their banner quality and no targeting for speciality websites. However, the publisher has a lot of choices for ad types and has the ability to filter out ads easily. Their ad fill rates are as high as 90-94%. Their payments are very prompt and they pay 65% of the revenue... Read More

BURST Media : (website)

BurstMedia is one of the oldest ad networks. Their network has a superior quality of advertisers. The publisher can choose from a suite of ad types and can filter out unwanted ads. The major drawbacks for this network is their low fill rates and lower run-of-network ad rates. They pay publishers 50% of the revenue generated (for non-exclusive contract). This ad network is good as secondary ad network because of their low fill rates unless the website can attract targeted advertisements... Read More

PopupTraffic : (website)

PopupTraffic is owned by Standard Internet, which also manages some other affiliate programs. PopupTraffic is the best in terms of revenue generation. It accepts almost all websites and publishers need only one account to deliver ads to various different websites. That helps in consolidating the revenue into one account. Their rates are $2.00/CPM for pop-unders and $3.00/CPM for pop-ups. Their payments are by check within 30 days with a minimum payout of $25... Read More

<td valign="top"><h4><a href="" target="new">ValueClick</a></h4>
ValueClick is mostly a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising network connecting over 30,000 sites
with sponsors. ValueClick banners provide websites with an opportunity to earn 12 to 30
cents per click from the traffic on those sites. If you'd like to begin earning
additional revenue from unsold advertising space, ValueClick might be your answer.

<td valign="top"><img src="" border="0" alt="Check"></td>
<td valign="top"><h4><a href="" target="new">FocusIN</a></h4>
FocusIN was essentially a reseller ad network before they were acquired by Mamma Media Solutions in 2002. Now being part of the bigger
network, FocusIN provides better rates than it used to be.

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