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PopUpTraffic Review
Published: Thursday, January 8, 2004



PopupTraffic is owned by Standard Internet, which also manages some other affiliate programs such as and PopUpTraffic serves popup and popunder ads, and not banner advertisements. It is fairly popular with small website publishers with little to moderate traffic.

Ad Formats & Rates

PopUpTraffic provides the following ad formats:
  1. Pop-up ($3.00/cpm)

  2. Pop-under ($2.00/cpm)

  3. Exit Window ($3.00/cpm)

The rates were increased by a dollar for each of the formats starting November 2003. This rate increase is a promotional rate until they declare it as an ongoing increase. Payments are made by checks within 30 days after the close of the month when the account reaches $25 in earnings. Payments from PopUpTraffic are prompt. No complaints of late payments have been reported.

Program Details

PopUpTraffic requires only one account for all your websites. This helps webmasters, who manage multiple websites, to combine the income potential and hence receive a faster payment. The ads are not the best pop-unders you can find.
Advertisements often contain adware and spyware which cannot be deselected from your account. Users have also reported ads spawning multiple windows from the popup ads. Fastclick's popunders are far better compared to this.

PopUpTraffic does not pay for traffic from many countries as listed on their site. If your site gets a lot of traffic from these banned countries, then PopUpTraffic will not make you much money. Also PopUpTraffic does not control their ad delivery for these countries. So users will still see the ads, but the website will not be paid.

PopUpTraffic caps ad tracking frequency to 12 or 24 hours. However, their ad delivery does not cap the frequency. So users will be shown multiple ads within the 12 hour period, but only one will be counted. Website owners have to implement code to control the frequency of ad delivery. More discussion on related topics can be found in SI's forums.


With the growing adoption of pop-up blockers by internet users, the pop-up advertisement industry is taking a huge setback in recent days. The number of pop-ups delivered have seen decreasing trends in this industry. PopUpTraffic should provide other ad formats such as DHTML ads to keep publishers in their network.


PopUpTraffic is one of the best paying pop-up, pop-under and exit ad revenue streams for smaller to medium traffic websites. However, due to the intrusive nature of popups and popunders and the use of free pop-up blockers by internet users, webmasters have seen declining revenues from such ad formats. PopUpTraffic is not recommended at this time.

For more information: Click here to visit PopUpTraffic.
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