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Ad Publishing - Terminology
Published: Saturday, September 27, 2003



Cost-per-thousand-impressions, or CPM for short, is a term used in describing the
amount that advertising costs per thousand impressions. It gets it's abbreviation
because M is the roman numeral for thousand.


Cost-Per-Click, sometimes called Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is advertising
that pays only when a banner or other advertisement is clicked. The CPC amount is muliplied
by the number of clicks generated to determine the total amount. CPC does not
consider the number of impressions delivered by the publisher.


CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Acquisition. An action can be anything
from a click to actual purchase or registration on the advertisers website. The
CPA rates should be high so as to compensate for any low conversion of clicks
into actions.


Pop-up is the ad format that opens up in a smaller window on top of the active browser
window. Pop-up ads are usually paid in CPM and are considered very intrusive.


Pop-under is the ad format that opens in a smaller window behind the active browser
window. It is also known as pop-behind. Pop-unders are not noticed by the users until
they close the active window. Pop-unders are usually paid in CPM and are less intrusive
than pop-ups.


In-view is an inline ad which scrolls into the center of the browser window and is
less intrusive than a popup. It is use widely used by FastClick Network.


Intertitials are full page ads usually launched between pages. Also known as pop-up
window. Newer concepts known as superstitial or metastitial are considered less
intrusive, subtle and more appealing with interactive media such as flash and video.

Frequency Cap

Frequency cap is the term used to limit the exposure of an ad creative
to a particular visitor in a given time period. Most CPM advertisers use frequency caps so that their ads
are shown to a visitor on a website only once in that period of time. Frequency capped
campaigns help in distributing the ads over a larger number of visitors for the same
number of impressions and reduces ad burnout.

Geo Targeting

The term geo targeting refers to serving of ads to a particular geographical area or segment
of population.
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