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Froogle Optimization Techniques (Contd.)
Author: Kevin Gold
Published: Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Maximizing Your Product Web Page

Continued from the previous page. The second part of Froogle maximization involves your product web page. This is the most overlooked aspect to Froogle maximization and potentially the most important. Although Froogle requires a data feed, it works very similar to a traditional search engine by crawling a web page for relevant factors. So your product web page plays an essential role in gaining maximum exposure in Froogle.

  • In general, your product web page should be laid out in a manner that can be easily crawled by Froogle which means using HTML.

  • If you are using tables on your product web page, put your product image, title, description and price into one cell or as few cells as possible.

  • Include your 'add to cart' button (or other purchase indicator) within the same table as your price and product image.

  • The '$' sign (dollar sign) should appear and may be of greater value if it is BOLD and of a larger font.

  • [li>Keep the title and description listed on your product web page identical to the one listed in your Froogle data feed.

  • Add an uninterrupted 25 - 28 word sentence for your description that includes your keyword and is meaningful to visitors.

  • Place the product description directly underneath the product title and, if possible, within the same cell as the title, price, and image.

  • Froogle pays attention to the product title tag on your web page. Add a unique title tag for each product web page.

  • Research has shown that a higher PageRank does not guarantee a higher position in Froogle. In addition, a product listing in Froogle will not transfer any PageRank to your website.

Taking Advantage of Froogle's New Customer Satisfaction Rankings

Recently Froogle introduced a 'customer satisfaction ranking' feature for their merchants' product listings. The rankings are actually pulled from shopping comparison websites like, and others. As a merchant and if you have not done so already, it is highly recommended to setup your products on at least one of the shopping comparison websites to gain a customer satisfaction ranking on Froogle.

Froogle users searching for a product will connect greater credibility with a merchant sporting the rankings versus ones without. If you are competing against a category-killer or large retailer like Target, Staples, Amazon or others, this may be essential since all of these merchants will certainly have customer satisfaction rankings.

As an added bonus, shopping comparison websites have shown to generate a higher sales conversion rate than other marketing channels. Therefore, not only will you help maximize your Froogle strategy; you may also drastically improve your sales conversion rate by adding your products to a shopping comparison website.

By following, these data feed AND product web page strategies, you will gain tremendous advantage over your competition and strive towards generating 'maximum exposure' for your Froogle product listings during the Holidays.
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